Red and White Delight

First of all, how great is that name? It promises so much, I don't know how you could possibly be disappointed by the outcome, right? RIGHT?

We've had a lot of visitors this year, one of whom was kind enough to ask what we wanted from the US before she came, and when I started out by responding '...I know this is weird, but...' still jumped at the chance to bring me Jell-O, all the way from New York City. While flavoured gelatin exists in the UK, it comes pre-gelatinised in a format I can't really figure out, and every time I've tried to make it so far, pretty rough outcomes have emerged. Plus, there appear to be only two flavours: orange and red. So Karrie brought me all the flavours of real Jell-O I could think of to request, and it's been a fun year of experimenting ever since (stay tuned for EVEN WEIRDER Jell-O recipes to come!).

Here's a weird thing, though: while I really wanted to preface this recipe by saying it would be perfect for kids, when I was a kid, I would have hated it. Marshmallows were my least favourite candy as a kid (still not really high up on my love list, if I'm honest), and Jell-O, as far as I was concerned, might as well have been toxic waste. Which is probably why this two ingredient recipe took me a year and a half to get around to before I decided that, truly, I have no shame and today is the best day for Jell-O.

If you're like some of us and can't remember the last time you had Jell-O that didn't include alcohol (sorry, Mom), this might be a bit disappointing for you... or, possibly, a nice relief to realise that not all gelatin-based foodstuffs will have you on the floor before you can say 'SHOTS ALL AROUND!' Seriously, though: this 'recipe' is literally exactly what it sounds like: red Jell-O, layered with marshmallows, in a clear glass so you can really enjoy the layers. I can't say I really recommend making it unless you have a real affinity for gelatin (or are looking for a way to make your hair and nails stronger), but if you're coming down with the same chest cold I've been dealing with for the last week and a half, maybe this is just the thing to soothe your sore throat without packing on too many pre-winter calories. And speaking of calories, I think it's worth noting that the recipe for this dessert includes a notation that you should 'keep... miniature marshmallows handy on your pantry shelf' because they're perfect for salads. Seriously.

The verdict:

2 spoons out of five. I mean, it was a successful recipe, so I feel like it deserves more than 1 spoon, but... it's hardly even a recipe.

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the recipe:

Red & White Delight

the directions:

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water according to directions on package (mine required 1 ½ cups, but follow your own directions to be sure gelatin will set).
Pour into a loaf pan.
Chill until firm, then cut into cubes.
Alternate layers of gelatin and marshmallows in dessert dishes (or, in my case, rocks glasses) and serve to all your favourite kids (or... you know, kids at heart).

the ingredients:

3 oz package red gelatin dessert (strawberry, cherry, or raspberry are recommended)
1 bag miniature marshmallows (or, if you live in the UK, one bag of regular marshmallows, snipped into smaller bits)