America's Favourite Hot One, or, The BLT Sandwich

'America's favourite hot what?' you may be asking. 'I don't know' is the answer, because this isn't even a hot sandwich.

I suppose it's time for a bit of a confession, dear readers: as a kid, I hated tomatoes, and then I got older and hated mayonnaise, and so the years passed and I made it through almost three whole decades without ever eating a BLT. Well, no more, friends! And now I'm a convert. Except, in this case, BLT actually stands for 'British Lettuce and Tomato,' because, as we've discussed before, American bacon is just not available over here in Scotland. The tomatoes over here are so much better than the ones in the US, though-- sweeter, more flavourful, and cheaper-- so I guess it's an even trade.

Anyway, this is the kind of meal to make on a night where you have fun plans that don't start until late in the evening-- like us, last night. It's simple but filling, and even though there's no way you can consider this a healthy sandwich, at least one of the main ingredients is a vegetable-- so you're not totally off base having it before a night of partying.

Plus, other than 'Tossed Salad, Four Ways,' this is officially my favourite recipe name I've come across so far. And although this is the first time in my life I've garnished a sandwich with an olive, I think from now on I'm going to demand that all my sandwiches come that way. They're at least 13% more delicious than standard sandwiches, so consider it next time you're making your lunch.

If you're in the UK, you can use lardons to make this, like we did, but it might not be the most useful way to make a sandwich since they're so small that they tend to roll out. Alternately, you could buy pancetta in strips and saute it briefly, then use that (which tastes like a thinner, crisper version of American bacon). But most of all, if you're in the UK, don't ever taste American bacon, or you'll never be able to get used to existing in a world without it.

The verdict:

5 spoons out of five. This recipe is amazing, and you should go home and make it for dinner immediately. Don't wait 29 and a half years to have your first BLT.

The recipe:

Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwich

The ingredients:

4 slices of bread
2 large lettuce leaves
2 slices cheddar cheese
2 medium-size tomatoes, sliced
4 slices of pancetta or American bacon, or a handful of lardons
4 green olives

the directions:

Toast the bread and spread 2 slices with a thin layer of mayonnaise.
Lay one slice of lettuce on each mayonnaise layer.
Layer slices of cheddar on top of lettuce, followed by tomato, bacon, and the other slices of bread.
Garnish with two olives speared on a toothpick.

Yields 2 sandwiches