Chicken in Chicken Sauce

I don't know how Eleanor felt about April Fool's Day, though I know my grandpa Wilbur, the inventor of Dad Jokes, probably loved it. I don't have any joke recipes to share with you today, but I do have this: a recipe I was a fool to think would taste good.

Do you know that joke on Arrested Development where Lindsay is making dinner because the caterers quit, and she tells everyone they're having “chicken in chicken sauce?” That's basically this meal, only slightly less salmonella-ish than hers (which involved cooking the chicken in the water it thawed in).

It's nothing fancy-- just chicken breasts cooked in chicken soup-- but it's bland and boring and I guess if you were sick and just needed the vitamins that chicken soup gives you then maybe it would be good? It wasn't bad: Judson and I ate some of it for dinner last night and I'm going to shred up the rest and try to make it into something more excited tonight-- it just had no flavour beyond basic “chickeniness,” which isn't really positive at all, I think.

The Verdict:

1 spoon out out five. Do not recommend. Thanks a lot, Campbell's.

The recipe:

Quick Bland Chicken in Chicken Sauce

The Ingredients:

1 tbsp vegetable oil
4 boneless chicken breasts
1 10 oz-can Cream of Chicken soup (thinned with ½ c milk if necessary)


Heat oil in a skillet and add chicken breasts.
Cook until browned.
Add soup (and milk, if needed) and heat to a boil.
Cover and cook over low heat 5-10 minutes until done.

Yields 4 tastelessly bland chicken breasts, perfect for... well... I'm not really sure what.