Holiday Almanac

For the next month, I'm taking a bit of a break from the Recipe Box itself, and focusing instead on one specific booklet found within it: Betty Crocker's Country Kitchen Holiday Almanac 1959.

This booklet features seven pages of daily activities for the month of December 1959, which conveniently started on a Tuesday, just like this year. Most of the activities involve, unsurprisingly, baking something, but quite a few are just basic Christmastime homemaking activities. Never one to let a challenge or a lucky coincidence pass me by, I'm going to attempt to do each day's activity (in real-time, where possible!) and post each day to let you know how it goes.

I will, however, be doing the last week of December's activities early to account for my holiday in Vienna at the end of the month, but everything else will be made on a daily basis. If Betty Crocker could do it 56 years ago, then I can definitely do it today!

Since I'll be posting each day, I'll be keeping the entries brief-- a few photos, a recipe, and a quick verdict on whether you should attempt it at home. But since I'll be spending a lot of time here, you're invited to share your holiday hits and misses with me, too-- I'd love to hear about anything you make from the blog, or just hear tales of your holiday preparation, whether they're crafts, decorations, cooking, baking, or any form that holiday cheer takes for you. So leave me a comment or drop me a line over at the 'contact' section and keep me posted on your own adventures!

Best selfie yet?

Best selfie yet?